Who is Laila Nur?



“With an eclectic mash-up feel of soul, folk, pop and heart, she is the personification of the quote: Where words fail, music speaks”.
– W.A.G. Magazine

Hailing from New York to North Carolina, Laila Nur is the best kind of trouble the South needs. Raised Sunni Muslim and now a proud Lesbian and activist, she applies her life journey to the music she coins ‘Revolutionary Love Music’: a musical experience for equal love and global connectedness; a bone-deep sound that gathers crowds from every background; an Artist’s war for Peace.

With no formal musical background, Laila Nur played her first show in 2010 just months after teaching herself to play guitar and sing. Four years later, she is one of North Carolina’s most exciting emerging artists, with her inventive and intuitive approach to guitar, and charged lyrical content. Playing hints of folk, funk, soul, rock, and blues, this solo artist has gained a dedicated following. Nur has been featured on AFROPUNK, NPR, GLAAD, News & Record, Yes! Weekly, W.A.G., Triad City Beat, 1808 Magazine and more.